Jenoptik's Speed Measurement Systems Aim To Achieve Global Safety

An Exhibitor Update
In an increasingly digital world, safety and security solutions need to be capable of detecting and deterring potential threats in real time. Jenoptik is pioneering markets with its end-to-end solutions for achieving more global safety in the public space.
“Our technologies contribute to saving people’s lives, improving the safety of the general public both on and off the roads,” says Kevin Chevis, executive VP of Jenoptik’s Traffic Solutions Division.
Jenoptik successfully deals in traffic law enforcement technologies that include the TraffiStar SR390, a globally used speed and red light enforcement system, as well as the TraffiStar S350, the precise laser-based speed enforcement system, presented in the design-award-winning TraffiTower 2.0 housing.
Jenoptik’s portfolio for civil security also includes the innovative Vector ANPR camera as well as a mobile ANPR solution.
As Jenoptik points out, thousands of Vector ANPR cameras are already used by police forces around the globe, providing a reliable and effective tool to monitor vehicles of interest. The effective use of ANPR cameras and Big Data Back Office management dramatically reduce the cost and time involved in gathering intelligence.
From reading the number plate of a vehicle of interest, nearby patrol officers and vehicles can automatically receive an alert within
seconds, along with information detailing why the alert has been raised.