Abu Dhabi said to introduce road tolls

According to local media, drivers who don't pay the fee after crossing a toll will be liable for AED 10,000 fines

Abu Dhabi will introduce road tolls as part of a new law issued by President Sheikh Khalifa on Sunday, according to media reports.



The law – No. 17 of 2017 – mandates that the Department of Transport (DoT) will be responsible for identifying areas in which the tariffs should be imposed, as well as the amounts to be paid and operational hours. According to the Arabic-language Al-Ittihad newspaper, the suggestions will be submitted to the General Secretariat of the Executive Council for approval.

The manner in which funds will be collected has yet to be determined. Ambulances will be exempt from the tariffs, alongside armed forces, Civil Defence, public buses and motorcycles. The law also makes it illegal to avoid payments by concealing a vehicle’s number plate, with all offences being referred to local authorities.

Motorists who do not pay the fee after crossing a toll will be liable for AED 10,000 fines, according to Al-Ittihad. The total number of fines for one vehicle will not go above AED 25,000 from the date of the first offence.

In Dubai, the Salik system was introduced in 2007.

Source: Arabian Business