Explore smarter fleet management with Steven Burnell

We caught up with Steven Burnell, Managing Director, School Transport Services, to explore the future of fleet management and find out how technology like AI and telematics are helping in the progress of the sector.

Gulf Traffic: How will technology, connectivity and mobility impact the future of fleet management?

Steven: Smarter fleet management will improve the customer journey making it safer and integrated, improve efficiencies and optimise costs that ultimately provide improved value for money for the customer that it turn drives modal shift

Gulf Traffic:  How can artificial intelligence be used to improve driver behavior?

Steven: Aside from autonomous vehicles that would ultimately replace the need for traditional values of a driver, human reactions to certain situations requiring judgement could be stimulated through AI systems where critical reasoning can make decisions to support the activity of the drivers.   

Gulf Traffic:  What products will you display at Gulf Traffic? Can you give us an overview?

Steven: We will display a smart safety bus; it been developed as part of our extended classroom for road safety. It’s an innovation which will teach students/ adults on a safety travel practices in a fun and interactive way.

Gulf Traffic:  What can our visitors expect from the conference?

Steven: The right approach for managing driver behaviour, through setting the right standards, training and monitoring through technology.