How digitalization affects the road marking industry

We caught up with Imad Ghassani, Sales Director – Middle East, Borum - an experienced international supplier of high-quality line marking equipment and road safety advocate who have been a familiar face at every edition of Gulf Traffic. Here, we explore the development of the road marking industry through digitalisation and fleet management.

Imad Ghassani, Sales Director – Middle East, BORUM

Gulf Traffic: Can you give us the background of your company and its business?

Borum: Borum is an experienced global supplier of professional machinery for line marking on all types of road surfaces and in airports. With our technologically advanced product portfolio, Borum ensures high-quality line markings, efficient application, and maximum uptime. Having decades of experience, our approach is to create close collaborations with customers, authorities, and other entities in the road marking and infrastructure industries in order to work together on improving road safety around the world.

Gulf Traffic:  In your opinion, what are the main industry trends impacting your business?

Borum: Like in most other industries, we consider that digitalization is playing a big role in road marking. We believe there is a slow, but visible change in how customers expect to be able to interact with our brand and equipment. Furthermore, we can also see an increase in demand for fleet management services. Therefore, we have already started taking some important steps in this direction as for e.g. implementing new technology on our machines that allow the operator to follow the status of various mechanical parts on the machine as well as pressure, temperature and material consumption right from the control unit or on our Borum Online platform where you can follow the machine’s location and activity from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Gulf Traffic: Why is the GCC region important to your business?

Borum: The GCC region has always been an import area for Borum and we have been able to build very strong and important relationships in the many years we have been present here. We consider GCC to be a point of inspiration for many other regions in terms of infrastructure and road safety. The companies and authorities we interact with put a high value on working with the most advanced technology available in order to ensure high quality and reliable safety measures. We consider this to be a very important factor in increasing road safety and we hope this has an impact at a regional level as well.

Gulf Traffic: What developments do you foresee in the road marking industry? 

Borum: We can see in many areas around the world an increase in using profiled markings (also known as structured or type 2 markings). It is an important development because profiled markings are considered to be the safest line type available. This is due to their high visibility at night time and during rainy weather as well as the vibration they produce when being driven over. Therefore, implementing such markings on roads with no illumination, as for e.g. highways, country roads ensures a high degree of guidance to drivers and helps decrease the number of head-on collisions and run-off-road accidents.

Gulf Traffic: Can you give us more information on profiled markings and how this can be beneficial in the GCC markets? 

Borum: We are seeing a high interest in profiled markings in the GCC markets. It has been proven that such line types play an important role in increasing traffic safety and lowering the number of road accidents. Therefore, we consider implementing this on a regional level will be an easy and cost-efficient solution for authorities in their efforts to improve road safety.

Gulf Traffic: What products will you be showcasing at Gulf Traffic – What can visitors expect at the Borum stand this year?

Borum: We are happy to be exhibiting a range of line marking equipment for thermoplastic applications that we believe will be of interest to both authorities and contractors of all sizes. We will showcase the BM 2000 SP T, equipped for thermoplastic spray and extrusion that can apply type 1 markings as well as a variety of profiled markings. Due to its advanced control unit, the LineMaster computer, it is very easy to switch between line types with a push of a button.

Together with the machine, we will also present two preheaters for melting and preparing the thermoplastic material as well as a series of screed boxes for manual extrusion. 

In addition, we will also showcase a small hand-guided marking machine for airless cold paint application in collaboration with the Titan brand. 

We are excited to exhibit this technology at Gulf Traffic 2019 and we welcome everyone to visit our stand H7.F10. We look forward to seeing you! 

Meanwhile, get an overview of what you can expect to see from BORUM at GULF TRAFFIC.