New processing unit takes the weight off setting up Haenni scales

The efficiency of mobile weighing systems from Haenni has been increased thanks to a new processing unit, the EC 120, that reduces set up time.
When used in combination with two portable scales with wireless function, the whole system fits into the trunk of a personal vehicle and can be set up by one person in less than two minutes.
Haenni says that it is light, robust and reliable. With the wireless option, the device was created for those who want an uncomplicated and fast way to see, store and print the loads measured by the Haenni scale.
The EC 120 has an uncompromising operating time, says the company. Its reflective display uses an external light source, so the readability increases with the sunlight. A backlight can be turned on when used in the dark or under poor lighting conditions.
Inspired by modern smartphone user interfaces, the EC 120 is intuitive to use and does not require intensive training. Configuration possibilities via its user interface were deliberately reduced to a strict minimum. Despite that, it is possible to adapt and tweak many aspects of the EC 120 over its configuration files. Deductions, customer-specific queries can be defined. Each customer can set it up according to particular needs.
Haenni says that the new processing unit will eventually be submitted for European Type Approval which will help to obtain national approvals all over the world and – importantly - will also protect against fraud.