Vitronic red light system covers six lanes

Vitronic is in Dubai to present its new solution for the detection of red light violations. The system features automated licence plate recognition (ALPR), an average speed (point-to-point) function between intersections, and the option to measure the speed of up to six lanes at an intersection. Also, various driving scenarios such as U-turn, left-turn and right-turn can be monitored in parallel at the traffic lights. The solution can also control the illegal use of blocked lanes for certain vehicle classes. For this purpose, it provides two high-resolution evidence images, including video evidence. An optical traffic light phase detector serves as the technical basis. Even faulty traffic light conditions are detected in this way. After transmission, the recorded data is processed using modern technologies (LTE/4G) in the back-office area and made available to the customer for further processing.
In 2019, more than 800 red light systems using the company’s latest technology have already been ordered for the Middle East & African region. Vitronic says its red light system is an integrated solution with which users can take the next step to achieve a smart city. It not only contributes to increasing traffic safety but also provides valuable data for analysing and directing traffic flow. In this way, it is not just an investment in road safety; it is a contribution to making modern urban planning possible.
Stand H7.C10