Caught by Sony’s ‘seeing’ Image Sensing Solutions

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions’ polarised camera technologies are the focus of the company’s demonstrations.
Sony’s polarised ITS camera and software development kit eliminates glare to more reliably see into a vehicle. Not only can authorities more easily identify dangerous drivers but they can spot illegal behaviour such as mobile phone use.
In addition to this new class of camera technology, Sony is exhibiting its suite of 4K FCB block cameras that give exceptional resolution and image quality in traditional ITS applications.
Camera technologies have been proven to deter behaviour such as speeding and red-light jumping – the killers thousands of people each year globally. However, prosecutions often stall due to an inability to reliably identify the driver.
Additionally, several laws and restrictions exist - including mobile phone use, driving in carpool lanes, smoking in vehicles with minors - which are hard to police by camera systems due to glare preventing the identification of such behaviours.
Sony’s XCG-CP510 is the first in a new series of polarised vision cameras from the company. The module combines Sony’s IMX250MZR/MYR on-chip quad-filter polariser with exceptional ability to capture clear images in all lighting conditions.
Additionally, the XCG-CP510 is the only polarised module to come with a software development kit. The SDK cuts average development time from between six and 24 months to just six to 12 weeks, depending on the application and the team.