Road Systems’ new MSKT absorbs impact

Road Systems says its new MSKT energy-absorbing tangent terminal enhances the company’s NCHRP 350 SKT system which has proven itself over the past 22 years.
The MSKT - MASH-compliant Sequential Kinking Terminal - uses the same sequential kinking technology that allows the W-Beam rail section to exit the impact head and bring to a controlled stop any vehicle impacting it head-on.
It is easily installed, familiar to maintenance crews and saves on inventory costs. RSI says that is has sold tens of thousands of the MSKT due to its ease of installation and low cost.
And just like the NCHRP 350 SKT, the MASH MSKT is re-directive during design traffic face impact conditions at the length of need - the total length of a longitudinal barrier needed upstream to shield an area of concern – which is still located at the third post.
New features include enhancements to the MSKT impact head and anchorage system. However, most of the NCHRP 350 SKT components are used in the MSKT, meaning existing inventories can continue to be used.
The MSKT is 15.5m long and has eight posts spaced at around 2m centres. During head-on impacts, the MSKT head slides over the W-beam guardrail. The rail is sequentially kinked as it moves through the impact head. The kinked guardrail exits the head and the vehicle is brought to a controlled stop. This is the same technology that has proven to be very e¬ffective with excellent field performance seen in the NCHRP 350 SKT. When impacted along the side within the length-of-need, the MSKT functions like guardrail. The errant vehicle is contained and redirected.