No hiding from BlueTOAD and BlueARGUS

Smart Modern Technical Works says BlueTOAD Spectra for advanced traffic-monitoring is a new dual radio system that detects both discoverable and non-discoverable Bluetooth MAC addresses.
SMTW claims that is detects more matches than any similar product. As a result, it delivers more accurate and reliable data on lower-volume roads and during non-peak hours.
BlueTOAD Spectra and the BlueARGUS advanced web-based software combine interactive, real time speed and congestion maps with automated performance measurement reports.
BlueARGUS is the BlueTOAD’s platform for both real-time functionality and historical reports. It incorporates real-time speed maps – the ability to view speed map updates in real-time. The user has the option of viewing the colours based on the speed limit or historical averages. There is also the ability to view the speed maps outside of the website – a great operational tool that can viewed on a video wall.
Historical Reports come in any combination – weekly, monthly, annually – and can be viewed and/or downloaded in chart, HTML or spreadsheet formats.
Other reports include Origin Destination that compares the percentage of matches over multiple user-defined routes. Travel-Time Reliability reports allow the user to generate a Travel Time Index, Buffer Time Index and Planning Time Index in user-defined intervals.
Real-time alarms – the ability to be alerted when speeds drop below a user-defined threshold or when there is an issue with a device. This is a great tool to be alerted when a non-reoccurring event/incident occurs.