Guarding China and the world: Shandong Guanxian Huaan Traffic

There is no road in China without Shandong Guanxian Huaan Traffic Huaan facilities, according to the manufacturer of guardrails and which is ISO accredited.
Huaan Traffic was set up in 2008 and produces guardrails and related accessories to AASHTO M180, EN1317 and GB31439 standards. It has in the short time of its existence obtained the management systems certifications ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018.
All the results of the guardrails and accessories tests required by the buyers and conducted by SGS can meet the requirements of AASHTOM180 and EN1317.
With China’s national strategy of One Belt One Road infrastructure construction, Huaan guardrails are increasing their international market share, according to the company. They can now be found in Eastern Europe, Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The company estimates that its guardrails stretch across more than 10,000km within more than 20 countries.