Flir’s Acyclica gives cities inside track

Flir is showing off the new Acyclica smart city platform, a cloud-based traffic management solution, on its stand.
The data analytics tool, which can be connected to Flir sensors, gives city authorities and municipalities information such as vehicle volume, average speed and point-to-point times, allowing them to see how traffic moves around.
A range of automated reports can be presented in a user-friendly dashboard format, providing actionable insight. It is possible to see real-time images from sensors using the system, while WiFi tracking can pin down travel times and pinpoint delays at intersections. Hesham Enan, Flir’s business development manager, ITS, Middle East & Africa, says historical data can help customers understand the current traffic patterns and congestion.
Flir bought Acyclica last year and is in talks with authorities in the Middle East about deploying the system. “We’re discussing with different cities in the region – and in South Africa also,” adds Enan.
Acyclica is already in action in Denver, Las Vegas and Seattle in the US, as well as Hamburg in Germany and Zurich in Switzerland.
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