Camera Lowering Systems elevates maintenance

Camera Lowering Systems, part of North Star Lighting, has been in business for a quarter of a century – and is highlighting all this experience at Gulf Traffic. The company was instrumental in the first-ever raising and lowering high mast system in the US and in the past year has been through the European EC conformity certification process, giving it further access to foreign markets. Its products offer fast, safe and straightforward maintenance of cameras – and other equipment, such as lights – which are installed in elevated or hard-to-reach locations.
“Our lowering systems mean that customers don’t have to worry about positioning their cameras with maintenance in mind,” explains Donald Pike, sales manager of North Star Camera Lowering Systems. “They can put it at exactly the height required for whatever application is needed, safe in the knowledge that our products mean that location is not an issue.”
At Gulf Traffic, the company is exhibiting two product ranges: the CDP and CEPM System Lowering Devices. The CDP is a pole-mount system with the raising and lowering cable and CAT6 signal/power cable running inside the pole. There are also multiple arms per pole available, as well as poles with a permanently-mounted lowering tool in the base of the pole. The CEPM is a pole- or tower-mount product which is used to install a camera lowering system onto an existing external structure such as a monotube pole or communication tower. The products in the CEPM range include a portable and permanently-fixed lowering tool. Options include a composite (electrical/signal) cable, length of cable and type of finish.
In addition to accessibility, there are other advantages. “The freedom to mount cameras higher means that fewer cameras are needed to cover an area,” Pike concludes. “This is a benefit for a couple of major reasons: you reduce your installation and maintenance costs – all while using less power. This means that the savings offset the cost of the lowering system itself.”
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