Boy! Scout sure can count, be it a bicycle, pedestrian or vehicle

Whether you’re counting vehicles, bikes or people, if Scout can see it, Scout can count it. From turning movement counts to travel time, you can do it all with Scout, according to Miovision, a traffic data analytics business.
Miovision Scout is a fully connected, industry-leading, portable video data collection device. It’s built for reliable, unattended field operation for days at a time. Deployed at the roadside, it keeps operatives out of harm’s way and can be set up in five minutes – and less than five minutes to take down.
The Scout enables users to manage and monitor their devices remotely and schedule recordings directly from the comfort of their office. It helps data collectors, engineers and municipalities to collect data on turning movements, vehicle volumes, travel time, ped and bike movements so they can answer questions on how to improve road safety and solve many other traffic-related issues.
For more simplicity and increased efficiencies, our solution includes a cloud-based platform. The DataLink platform helps solve problems like data storage and historical data access, cross-device integration, data visualisation and much more.
Furthermore, Scout has been deployed in some of the world’s most extreme climates from Alaska to Dubai, according to the company. It is NEMA-rated and can operate from -40°C to 60°C.
Miovision technology has counted vehicles in more than 66 countries. In Europe, Miovision processes more than 13,000 hours of video each month.