Altas launches EmitLight Compact Traffic Sensor

No matter what the road surface, the new concealed EmitLight Compact Traffic Sensor will collect highly accurate speed readings and other data for traffic management.
EmitLight – which is being launched at Gulf Traffic - is only 10cm square and comes in several lengths up to 40cm – extremely compact, according to Altas, the Lithuanian manufacturer. It comes with a standard cable length of 3m and is buried only several centimetres under the road’s surface – lengthwise in the middle of a lane – meaning there is little disruption to the route.
The unit will operate from Dubai in temperatures of around 60C to Canada in conditions of -30C, says Vaidas Jucius, head of department at Altas.
Data collected by the electromagnetic sensor includes vehicle speed as well as speeding vehicle information, average traffic flow speed, vehicle length and vehicle counts.
Power for a unit is only 5V and current is 150mA. A GSM connection can send data to a collection centre or data can be collected on site for later downloading, explains Jucius.
To increase the EmitLight’s versatility, it can be connected to other devices, such as cameras and electronic road signs, in order to activate them for more data.