WIM and tyre safety from IRD

International Road Dynamics (IRD) is highlighting its 40 years’ experience in weigh-in-motion (WIM) technology for applications such as asset monitoring, access control, data collection, commercial vehicle pre-screening and high-speed direct enforcement.
As a leading WIM and ITS supplier and trusted partner in the GCC, IRD is showcasing how it is designing, developing, and implementing WIM systems with cutting edge technologies that help users increase road safety and maximise the efficiency of WIM management. The company’s systems incorporate high-accuracy scale and strip WIM sensors, overview and licence plate camera technologies, vehicle dimensioning systems as well as tyre screening solutions for enhanced safety at highway speeds.
IRD is also demonstrating its Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS), an innovative technology that helps agencies identify vehicles with potentially dangerous tyres before accidents occur. Tyre faults are conditions such as flat, missing or mismatched tyres, which can result in vehicle imbalance, reduced manoeuvrability, improper load distribution, reduced braking performance, poor fuel economy and reduced tyre life. Damaged tyres lead to breakdowns, expensive roadside repairs and increased costs due to freight delays. Pavement damage can also result from increased loads on tyres when adjacent tyres are flat or mismatched in size.
Several enforcement agencies in North America and Europe have integrated TACS into their commercial vehicle pre-screening systems. These agencies have found it to be an effective solution for identifying vehicles with tyre problems that are sufficiently serious to place unsafe vehicles out of service.
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