Traffic Management

Within 50 years, the towns and cities throughout the GCC have grown exponentially, bringing economic benefits and prosperity to respective governments. However, there has also come the problem of severe traffic congestion and road safety issues caused by population growth and increased economic activity, making transport in and around cities time consuming, unsafe and unhealthy.

Multi-billion dollar metro infrastructures are being introduced in major cities like Dubai, Riyadh and Doha to take traffic from the region’s roads. However, with 19 million cars expected to be on the GCC roads by 2020 governments have been forced to look at new ways to control the traffic flow in their respective countries.

What does this mean for you?

With heavy focus from the governments and contractors on incorporating new and innovative methods to control the traffic flow, Gulf Traffic provides you with an ideal platform to network with a niche and high-value set of potential clientele from all over the region.

Who should exhibit?

Companies dealing in:

  • Public lighting
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Rail technology
  • Tunnel technology
  • Bridge construction
  • Road equipment
  • Road markings
  • Street furniture
  • Reflecting materials
  • Consultancy and research
  • Road construction machinery
  • Ashpalt and geosynthetic
  • Bitumen
  • Drilling, pile driving, mining equipment and instruments
  • Remaining infrastructure

Who will you meet?

  • Public transport authorities and operating companies
  • Policymaking and regulatory organizations
  • Maintenance professionals
  • Supply chain managers
  • IT managers
  • Senior engineers
  • Operations control centre managers
  • Consultants
  • Research and development organizations