Fleet Management

Change in mobility & transportation infrastructure has led to the growth of the Fleet Management Sector that will discuss the best practices and the right approach to managing Fleet in the future.  

Adding to the region’s continuous commitment to Road Safety, Gulf Traffic will highlight the latest technologies and solutions in Fleet Management enhancing traffic management through better control, track and improved traffic monitoring.

Who should exhibit?

Companies dealing in: 

  • Accident Management & Prevention
  • Fleet Manufacturers
  • Dash Cams
  • EV Charging for EV Fleet
  • Fleet Management Software
  • Telematics and Tracking
  • Tyres check & safety solutions

Who will you meet?

  • Public transport authorities and operating companies
  • Policymaking and regulatory organizations
  • Maintenance professionals
  • Supply chain managers
  • IT managers
  • Senior engineers
  • Operations control centre managers
  • Consultants
  • Research and development organizations