The future of transport in the Middle East is hi-tech, fully integrated and multi-modal.

There’s an opportunity for the Middle East to leap-frog more established transport systems around the world. Policymakers are heavily investing in the latest transport technologies and solutions in order to make their cities smarter and safer. 

Traffic Management

Most cities in the Middle East suffer serious traffic congestion and road safety issues caused by population growth and increased economic activity, making transport in and around cities time consuming, unsafe and unhealthy.

Find out how law enforcement professionals are taking adequate steps to counter excessive congestion and road safety problems.

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Fleet Management

Change in mobility & transportation infrastructure has led to the growth of the Fleet
Management Sector that will discuss the best practices and the right approach
to managing Fleet in the future.

Adding to the region’s continuous commitment to Road Safety, Gulf Traffic will highlight the latest technologies and solutions in Fleet Management enhancing traffic management through better control, track and improved traffic monitoring.

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Transportation Technologies

Ranked among the best in the world for their readiness to autonomous vehicle technology, cities in the region are aiming to become autonomous by 2030.

Learn how lawmakers and consultants are optimising transport and traffic experience through real time information analysis by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.

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Gulf Parking

The parking industry is a worldwide billion-dollar business due to the inefficiencies and inconvenience caused while drivers spend time searching for empty parking spaces.

Find out how city planners and municipalities are now looking at new on and off street parking technologies to increase revenue and improve efficiency and convenience.

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Road Safety

Passenger cars in the Middle East are expected to reach 19.1 million by 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan. Road collisions and fatalities are also on the rise which poses an obvious safety risk.

Find out how lawmakers in the region are planning to curb this issue by investing in better road safety management techniques.

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Over $2 trillion worth of active infrastructure projects are in the pipeline across the region. The UAE and Saudi Arabia jointly account for 70% of the value of active transport infrastructure projects.

Find out how these countries are driven by long term transformational plans to develop the right infrastructure by adapting latest technologies that make their cities smart and autonomous.

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