Tal Kreisler

CEO, NoTraffic

Tal Kreisler is the Co-Founder and CEO at NoTraffic - the World's First Autonomous
Traffic Management Platform.

NoTraffic platform optimizes traffic lights in real-time based on smart sensors and laying today the digital foundation for the future of urban transportation.

The platform enables cities for the first time to intelligently implement their traffic policy in a seamless way and operates autonomously in order to maximize traffic flow, reduce congestion, prioritize different types of vehicles, and prevent accidents, while unlocking services for insurance companies, OEMs, navigation apps and other mobility providers.

Kreisler previously served as a Business Analyst at Beta Finance, where he led projects in various industries, including transportation, infrastructure, and energy. He worked with both private and public companies executing complex financial projects.

Kreisler earned a LL.B in law, BA in Business, and an Accounting degree from IDC Herzliya.