Elizach Dembinski

Deputy General Manager and Head of Technology and Innovation, Ayalon Highways, Ltd

Elizach, married and a father of three, holds a Master Degree in Exact Sciences and has twenty years of experience in managing companies in the public and private sectors, in the fields of infrastructure, energy and technology. Elizach has specialized in initiating, planning and executing high-budget projects.

Following the Israeli government's decision to promote smart transportation solutions by Ayalon Highways as its government executing arm, Elizach has been leading a massive development of smart transportation infrastructure solutions.

Among the projects that Ayalon Highways promotes under the management of Elizach are: drones utilization in the public service (among the first in the world), demand management technology, adaptive traffic lights, national test center for smart transportation, road accelerators, infrastructure for advanced traffic management, etc.

Elizach is a member in multiple policy making, professional committees in Israel.