Data Analytics for Police & Law Enforcement

Tuesday, 5th December 2017

10:30 - 14:30

The curation, management, and analysis of “big data” requires specialized skills and tools. This mini-course will cover all three aspects from a strategic point of view, tailored for the purpose of law enforcement and police activities.

Data analytics can provide police forces invaluable insights into a variety of operational and investigative capabilities including:

  • Police calls 
  • Investigation timelines 
  • Crime analysis 
  • Administrative processes 
  • Officer training 
  • Customer service 
  • Proactive policing 
  • Corporate sector cyber crimes 
  • Policing activity oversight 
  • Workforce management

This makes it key for police officials to identify potentially useful data, collect that data regularly, process the data, and then draw knowledge from that data.

To do so requires skills such as:

  • Data mining fundamentals and utilities 
  • Dashboard design 
  • Business process analysis, mapping and modelling 
  • Regression modelling and simulation services 
  • The engineering of data for specific purposes 
  • Sensor-based traffic data analysis

All of the above will be discussed. The course is meant for senior and middle management police and law enforcement officials eager to take advantage of the new opportunities availed to those fluent in data engineering, management and analysis.

Your Instructors

Adrian Cadd, International Business Director – ANPR Solutions, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions

While he was a UK Police Officer for 13 years, Mr. Cadd became a specialist in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Since returing, he has managed and directed interational ANPR projects for security, traffic solutions and law enforcement. 

Dr. S. Basavaraj Patil, CEO, Predictive Research

Dr. Patil travels and publishes research reports frequently to solve data analytical problems across a variety of industries including the finance, healthcare and automotive fields.

With artificial intelligence (AI) data science application expertise and a PhD in neural network-based techniques, Dr. Patil has made several refereed research publications in the field of Data Science.