Gulf Smart Parking Conference 2021

The Gulf Smart Parking Conference will empower the future of Parking in the Middle East. 

Discuss with leading professionals on the Innovations in On-Street parking, Smarter Parking, PaaS and much more. 

Join us from 8 December 2021, to know all about the 21st century demands of megacities for the Parking Industry. 

10:35 AM

KEYNOTE: Evolution of Car Parking: The Challenges and Future Opportunities

  • Focus on the factors driving the change in parking industry
  • What are the future demands and investment opportunities available?
  • Scope of designing the parking spaces for multipurpose & profitability

Speaker: Pamela Chikhani, General Manager, Secure Parking UAE

11:05 AM

TECH: Innovations in On-Street Parking for Future Mobility Ecosystem

  • Will increase in the utilization of existing parking spots help in developing the areas for other civic uses?
  • Integrated approach to city parking – How creating a value in parking today will help in building the capabilities of tomorrow?
  • Revisiting the choice of technologies – Can integrated digital platforms reform the garage system?

Dual Discussion:

Mohamed Moselhy, Regional Vertical Leader, Smart Cities & Communities, META, Honeywell
Building Technologies

Khalid Imzeran, Managing Partner, ScanSmart 

11:45 PM

PaaS: Achieving Seamless Mobility through Parking-as-a-Service

  • Understanding the development and implementation of PaaS
  • Re-defining the mobility ecosystem through parking infrastructure
  • What’s in it for Parking operators?


Marek Stawiński, Founder and CEO of NaviParking DMCC, UAE

12:05 PM


12:45 PM

INVEST: Should Developers Build Convertible Parking Structures?

  • Saying goodbye to garages - Why the need for a convertible parking space?
  • Is growing adoption of driverless cars compelling developers, planners, and architects to rethink of their parking project designs?
  • The changing pattern of transportation and parking – Addressing the design challenges and the future course of action

Moderator: Mohamed Moselhy, Regional Vertical Leader, Smart Cities & Communities, META, Honeywell Building Technologies


Khalid Nur, Future Mobility Lead, Mott MacDonald

Mohannad Salam, Senior Manager - Smart Cities, Atkins Acuity

1:25 PM

DIGITAL: Implementing Digital Strategies for Future Parking

  • A technological approach to improve parking processes
  • Community based parking - Role of AI in the future of parking
  • Smart parking applications and trends - More than just a digital experience


Imad Alameddine, General Manager, PARKONIC

3:45 PM

Close of Gulf Smart Parking Conference 2021