Gulf ITS and Smart Mobility Conference

The Gulf ITS and Smart Mobility Conference will bring together government authorities, public & private sector agencies, operators, and services & solution providers to network and discuss on trending topics in this evolving sector.

30+ speakers are confirmed who will share their expertise in the regions largest traffic and transport conference through presentations, panel discussions, case studies, and interview sessions. 

11:00 AM

Welcome Remarks & Opening Panel - The Future of Traffic Development & Enforcement under the Fourth Industrial Revolution


George ZakhemBusiness Development & Partnership Manager, Emirates Driving Company


Major General Eng. Mohammad Saif Al Zafeen, Dubai Police assistant Commander-in-Chief, and Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council




11:20 AM

PUSH: Accelerating Smart mobility in GCC and the Impact of New Entrants 

  • Will incorporation of smart mobility into urban planning help realise the smart city vision?
  • The need for compact regional collaboration and comprehensive regulatory framework
  • How can data and technology help in creating a strategic roadmap for future mobility sector? 


11:20 AM

APPROACH: Future Mobility - The Convergence of Urbanization and Digitalization

  • How can public transport operators, authorities & mobility service providers collaborate for sustainable & affordable mobility solutions?
  • Keeping up with the mobility trends – Does one business model work for all?
  • Revisiting the mapping approach to increase the utilisation of unused infrastructure
  • Digitising operations and the need to hire best engineering talent for a seamless experience


Akin Adamson, Director- Middle East, Ricardo Energy & Environment, UAE


Eng. Ibrahim Yousef Ramel, CEO, SAAED, UAE

11:40 AM

INSIGHT: A Strategic Trip and Transport Model for GCC

  • Big Data bringing a paradigm shift in regional co-operation and the future of urban planning
  • Economic diversification, youth population and rise of tourism changing the infrastructure investment priority
  • Understanding transformative strategies in implementation and engagement through mobility


Mr. Alex Hanna, Senior Director, Khatib & Alami, Doha, Qatar

Mr. Phil Azar, Head of Transportation Sector, Khatib & Alami, Khobar, KSA

12:10 PM

CONTROL: Are Smart Cities posing a threat to security and privacy?

  • Embedding Smart Policing in Urban Infrastructure
  • Innovations in Data Management & Response Centres - The need to balance innovation with privacy
  • Access to real-time data and deployment of AI transforming surveillance

Dual Discussion:    

Ahmad Altarawneh, Senior Strategic Consultant Digital Transformation, Pioneering and Excellence, Dubai Police General HQ      

Aaditya Bharatkumar Thakrar, Manager – Strategic Transport Planning, AECOM

12:40 PM

Developing Driving Training through process integration

Amr Khamis, Vice President, The Consultants, KSA 

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Data and Digitalization becoming the major drivers of urban mobility?

  • How is digitalization transforming mobility?
  • How is MaaS (Mobility as a Service) helping transition towards sustainable mobility?
  • Barriers in data sharing & concerns around privacy
  • Does the rising digital adoption affect the passenger mobility behaviour?

Moderator: Stephen Severance, Head - Program Management and Marketing, Sustainable Real Estate, Masdar 


Nabeel Al Zaka, Executive Director, Surface Mobility Consultants

Krishna Desai, Global Marketing Manager, Cubic Transportation Systems

Eng. Ahmed AlNunu, Sr. Engineer - Asset Management, Dubai Taxi Corporation


2:50 PM

MAP: Boosting Productivity by Optimising Road Networks and Enhancing Transportation

  • Reviewing network configurations to access the impact on future mobility – How important is it?
  • Sustainability & Road Safety – Can this be achieved by cost optimization and building consumer trust?
  • Re-visiting the last mile model – How to cope with existing crowded traditional infrastructure?

ModeratorNadeem Shakir, Technical Director and Middle East Region Leader: Integrated Transport & Future Mobility, Aurecon


Nasir Alshamsi, Director - Sustainable Mobility, Bee'ah

Abilash Ethanur Thuppale, Head - Smart Mobility & Smart Buildings, MENA Mobility LLC (a part of Al Naboodah Group Enterprises)

John Gillespie, Principal Engineer & Future Ready Lead, WSP 

3:40 PM

INNOVATE: How can AI address the road safety pandemic?

Sohaib Khan
, Ph.D, CEO,

4:10 PM

ADJUST: Smart and Resilient Transport Infrastructure for Smart Mobility Implementation

  • Strategic approach to transportation planning to overcome congestion
  • Smart Commuting – Innovations in data collection and transportation models for smart traffic management
  • Adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and the role of Lean practices – How does it enhance efficiency?

Speaker: Mark Eklin, Head of Strategy Department, Netivey Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company

4:40 PM

Green Mobility and Electric Vehicle Utility

  • Does 4th Industrial Revolution have a role to play?·        
  • Forecasting demand and planning for a sustainable infrastructure to support electric vehicles (chargers, charging stations, apps, certifications etc)      
  • The collaborative efforts of Public-Private Partnership (energy demands and microgrids)

Speaker: Faisal Rashid, Senior Director - Demand Side Management, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

5:00 PM

DIVERSITY: Women Driving Innovation in Mobility and the Future of Transport

  • Leading the CHANGE in transport and mobility ecosystem
  • Driving a culture of change in the transport and infrastructure industry
  • Setting career pathways for women in technical roles

Speaker: Krishna Desai, Global Marketing Manager, Cubic Transportation Systems

5:20 PM

Close of Day 1: Gulf ITS & Future Mobility Conference 2021

10:30 AM

Welcome Remarks

10:40 AM

Construction Machinery Automation and the Connected Worksite

Speaker: John S. Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, SITECH Gulf Global Positioning Systems LLC

11:00 AM

CONNECTIVITY: 5G - Evolving the Mobility Ecosystem

  • Have GCC nations leapfrogged their counterparts?
  • The accelerating potential to achieving ITS & smart mobility through 5G application
  • The long-term impact on economies and societies – Do they contribute to driving nations’ vision?

Dual Discussion:

Zakaraya Alashek, Sr. Director - 5G-IOT Connectivity & Mobility, Etisalat

Dr. Muneer Zuhdi, Head of Cognitive Cities & Industries - MEA Enterprise, Nokia 

11:30 AM

Jet Capsule “Smart Water Metro” - Introducing a sustainable and alternative urban mobility technology for cities with presence of water, contributing to reduce the road traffic


Speaker: Prof. David Provenzani, Founder & MD, ArchItaly Green Energy DMCC 

12:00 PM

SUSTAINABILITY: Thinking Green Intelligent Transport Systems (Green ITS)

  • Will diversification of investments in ITS technologies pave way for a green, safe, and smart transport network?
  • ITS connects advanced technology, smart vehicles, and traffic users. Will it propel interconnectivity, resource sharing, flexibility, and higher efficiency?
  • Understanding the Financial and environmental viability – Will it create harmonious relationship between man and medium? 

Moderator: Seham Elbehissy, GM-Product & Connected Services, Renault Africa Middle East Pacific


Ayman Ashour, CEO - Mobility Turnkey, Middle East & Africa and Siemens Mobility, UAE

Ahmed S.Elbermbali, Managing Director, CEBC MENA

Jonathan Spear, Senior Transport Policyand Strategy Advisor, Atkins Acuity

12:50 PM

Cycling Insights: Better Data for Better Cities

Speaker: Véronique WatelleBusiness Developer, Eco-Counter


1:10 PM


2:30 PM

DRIVERLESS: Enabling Autonomous Public Transport

  • Can shared autonomous transport address mobility challenges?
  • Addressing the safety concerns
  • Funding and procurement strategies

Speaker: Joseph Salem, Partner-Travel & Transportation Lead, Arthur D Little

3:00 PM

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Role of Artificial Intelligence in
improving Traffic Detection and Data collection

  • Is data crucial in analysing, optimising, and managing the traffic flow?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the connected vehicle environment
  • Incorporating data into existing traffic management systems – Will this help in the management of mixed traffic environment? 

Speaker: Hesham Enan, ITS Business Development manager - Middle East, Africa & India, Teledyne Flir    

3:30 PM

CHANGE: Advanced Approach to Safer Roads – Rethinking the Basics

  • Can we aim for zero fatalities in shared space infrastructure?
  • Can technology and education help minimise human error?
  • Re-evaluating safety standards and taking shared responsibility

Moderator: Thomas Edelmann, Founder & Managing Director, RoadSafetyUAE


Khalil Fakhouri, Managing Director, ORAFOL Middle East FZE

Dr. Jamal Ahmed Almatawah, Associate Professor, College of Technological Studies in Kuwait, Civil Engineering Department

4:20 PM

Driver’s behavior and opinion towards road safety in Kuwait

Speaker: Dr. Jamal Ahmed Almatawah, Associate Professor, College of Technological Studies in Kuwait, Civil Engineering Department

4:50 PM

ROAD SAFETY: Data Utilization by Connected Vehicles – Focus on Personal Data, Protection and Insurance 2.0

  • Improving road safety through smart data processing·        
  • Can automated and connected cars improve road safety?
  • Effects of disruption in insurance industry


Gary West, Managing Director of OnStar & Future Mobility, General Motors Africa & Middle East 

5:10 PM

Close of Gulf ITS & Future Mobility Conference 2021