Helpful Hints For Preparing A Nomination

The following are a range of helpful hints to make your nomination submission as easy as possible for the judges to evaluate.

  • Take time to go through all the pages of the awards section of the Gulf Traffic website. It has all the details to help you make a good submission
  • Create a submission team and do not leave the preparation to a junior member of the team
  • Your application will be scored against the judging criteria
  • Make sure that you have responded to the criteria outlined for each category
  • Prepare each section in bullet point form first then expand each point. That way you ensure you cover all points in the space allowed
  • Brainstorm the criteria with others
  • Highlight each question at the beginning of each response
  • Set out your application under the criteria headings
  • Provide supporting materials and small appendices only
  • Be particular with words - punctuate, proof-read, spell out acronyms
  • Make time to prepare and check your submission
  • Arrange an external review, along the way and on completion

What the judges seek?

  • Easy to read, concise and factual - with vital information contained in the core of the submission and not in the supporting documentation
  • Judges are seeking points of distinction that make the nomination stand out from the rest – the gems, the examples of lateral thinking, excellence and achievements
  • Clear and specific responses to the criteria
  • Evidence to back your claims
  • A focus on quality not quantity

Common Mistakes

  • Failing to structure the application against the judging criteria
  • Failing to address the judging criteria in the application
  • Assuming judges know your business
  • Not involving management – and others
  • Writing more than the allocated allowance
  • Placing core information into the appendix
  • Failure to really read and interpret the criteria
  • Relying on a belief ‘we’re good’, and not substantiating this by a lack of supporting materials
  • Believing that submissions can be sent after the deadline