Best Parking New Product or Supplier

This award is presented to a new product or new supplier that has implemented an innovative parking scheme / initiative, or created a new product for improving parking in a city or country.

Best Parking Project

This award recognises an organisation or a road authority that has developed and implemented an innovative idea in the design of parking or structure. The parking innovation facility or structure should have a significant advancement on an existing solution.

Best Parking Program or Service

This award is for parking program or service providers, operators or other organisations that have developed and implemented an innovative idea which may be a piece of physical kit or a digital solution, such as a software or an online service.

Contractor of the Year

This award recognises excellence in the delivery of transportation infrastructure projects. Transportation contractors who make seismic upgrades to keep our roads safe, minimise traffic flow disruption during construction, respond to emergency situations, and work within short construction windows and sometimes adverse conditions to ensure our roads and bridges are safe and reliable.

ITS Product of the Year

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) award recognises an organisation or road authority dedicated to the research, development and design of a traffic systems technology that has implemented an innovative ITS product or project which improves the efficiency of transportation or traffic management and enhances safety and mobility. These could include but are not limited to products used for traffic control rooms, traffic lights, communication, etc. or procedures demonstrating evidence of increased traffic flow, steps towards helping reduce fuel consumption for the convenience of shorter journeys and reduced congestion.

Personal Achievement for Road Safety Award

This award is a special category award which recognises an outstanding achievement and innovation in the opinion of the Gulf Traffic event organisers of an individual who has provided exceptional commitment to road safety over a sustained period. Because this is a special category of recognition, nominations for this award category are not sought.

Consultancy of the Year

This award recognises the contribution made by consultants who are responsible for the design of highway and transportation infrastructure, including roads, bridges and transit infrastructure, etc. These include sub-surface structure and their stability, community/traffic flow needs during each phase of construction, and building for future use, needs and keep up with latest technologies.

Product Innovation Award

This award provides an opportunity for an organisation to showcase a highly innovative transport related product that is a potential game changer in current thinking, design and application. It is expected that the product will be new but to achieve the award the organisation also needs to clearly demonstrate innovation over existing practice, provide evidence based claims, the likely impact on industry, cost benefits and why the product is highly beneficial to end users or society.

The Smart Initiative Award

The Smart Initiative Award recognises an organisation that has successfully planned and implemented a new and innovative transportation and traffic management system in their city. They should contribute effectively towards promoting transportation practices that advance environmental sustainability, prevention of accidents and equitable economic development while maintaining high standard of governmental efficiency and transparency.

Road Safety Achievement Award

This award is given to recognise an organisation that has made a significant impact on enhancing road safety and sustainable casualty reduction. It is recognised that road safety is a very broad subject and entries could include submissions from but not limited to an engineering, enforcement or education focus. Evidence of the benefits to society and the contribution to casualty reduction are expected.

Government Collaboration Award

Complex transportation programmes require the collaboration of many stakeholders and frequently cut across different government agencies.
This award recognises a government department that has collaborated with one or more departments from a different government agency or multiple agencies to improve the transportation system. Improvements may relate to transport safety, sustainability, efficiency, standards/regulation or customer happiness.
Collaborations may have included the sharing of resources, data, facilities and knowledge. It is expected that the government agency will be able to provide evidence-based description of the nature of the collaboration and its impact on the transportation system.

Best Road Project of the Year

The award recognises the project team (project owner, consultant and contractor) involved in the completion of a Road project (completed in last 2 years) taking into consideration timelines, cost effectiveness, safety, methods and delivery of the project.

Best Bridge/ Tunnel Project of the Year

The award recognises the project team (project owner, consultant and contractor) involved in the completion of a Bridge/Tunnel project(completed in last 2 years) and taking into consideration timelines, cost effectiveness, safety, methods and delivery of the project.


  • Achievement (evidence based)
  • Innovation (Technologies and Applications)
  • Sustainability and replicability
  • Cost effectiveness 
  • Best practices in standards and approach to meeting regulatory requirements 
  • Social and economic impact 
  • Collaboration