Gulf Traffic's conference returns with a stellar programme of topics and speakers who cover the full spectrum of transportation. All conference sessions are free to attend and would allow you to collect CPD credits.

DAY 1 is about Artificial Intelligence for Transportation, and speakers are AI specialists. Everyone knows that AI is coming to the sector, but no one is sure how. The aim of the programme is to not be generally about AI, but actually show how business models will change, and what efforts need to be made now so that professionals are ready for these major changes. We have invited the UAE Minister of AI to open the day.

DAY 2's Future Infrastructure programme is also forward thinking. What are the transportation infrastructure requirements in Saudi Arabia? What about in Turkey? Both have aggressive growth plans, but what are they? And what are some innovative ways for them to build revenues and find new funding sources at the same time? What roles will weigh-in-systems and hyperloop systems play?

Also on DAY 2, we talk about Road Safety, in partnership with RoadSafetyUAE. Accidents pose not only the risk of lost lives, but they also burden police forces, transportation companies, and road maintenance teams. In sum, they hurt the economy. Hear what policy and technological solutions are working.

On DAY 3 we focus on Parking – making it efficient, safe, and revenue-generating. The parking conference is supported by International Parking Institute and will advise and accredit the parking programme to offer CAPP points towards the internationally recognised CAPP credential.